Geological museum

Geological museum is located in the Lednar Tannery. It’s called the tannery because once here was a leather production process. The family that lived here had an outdated technology, so that they could not continue their work here. The community Grad renovated the house through a project and today it’s here a museum

In museum are Olivin Room, Geological Room, Oli’s Kitchen, Exhibition and Trip thru the Goričko.


Olivine (peridot) is a mineral, typical for the volcanic areas. It can arise in two ways: through the crystallization of magma, or it may fall from space as part of a meteorite.

The mineral olivine has been honoured by Cleopatra that preferred olivine to the valued gemstones emeralds.

In village Grad in volcanic rocks we can find Olivins noduls, that are the remains of a former volcano.


This room is dedicated to the geological features of Goričko. You can find the information about the rocks, minerals and fossils.


In this part of the museum you can see how our mole Oli and his apprentice chef cook different types of rocks (igneous, pyroclastic, sedimentary and metaphoric). They are also presented on the circle of rock.


Oli is a enthusiastic photographer in his free time. It represents the landscape and natural and cultural sights of Goričko.

Do you know how many molehill’s are in Goričko? Oli certainly knows.

So what did he find and photographed? You will surely enjoy the film about Goričko.


In the attic of Lednars leather tannery is a beautiful space for exhibition. 

There is currently an exhibition of black pottery products made by the Secondary School for Design and Photography Ljubljana.




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