About adventure park

In Vulkanija Advenutre Park is waiting for you an unforgettable experience a volcano that was active 3 million years ago in the territory of present-day Slovenia.


The Vulkanija Adventure Park presents the forces within the Earth’s core and geological processes that take the place on near the surface. These forces have been shaping the land and sea throughout the history of our planet and have played a significant role in the geological history of the Goričko region. Visitors can learn about the power of volcanoes and their activity through images, text and film, through play and interactive content, all of which will leave a lasting impression and help you overcome your fear of volcanoes. Experience volcanoes and the geological history of Goričko at the Vulkanija Adventure Park. 


The tour of the volcano world is guided by Oli the Mole, an expert on the underground, and particularly volcanoes and geological features of the Goričko region.

Experience the origin of the universe, the development of life, eruption of the Goričko volcano and geological history of Goričko in the most advanced stereoscopic 3D cinema in Slovenia.

Take the elevator to the centre of Goričko volcano and return back to the surface whit Oli´s underground train.



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